Written By: Amal

For years, the earth has been undisturbed from extra-terrestrial encounters. People question why this is. Some people speculate that it has something to do with our lifestyle. Others simply don’t believe in their existence. Truth is, the earth is protected by alien encounters because of a guardian that sleeps deep in the forest. It itself is an alien as well, but to keep itself harm free, it was left on earth with the ability to protect itself and the entire planet from harm. When it is asleep, the earth is protected. However, the problem is that every 1000 years, it wakes up. During this time, the earth is vulnerable to attacks, but that energy is harnessed to grant a single wish. After the wish has been granted, it will go back to sleep for another 1000 years.

“Greg, go get the ball!” Said one of the basketball players on the court.

“Sure thing!” Greg gets out of the bench and runs after the ball. Greg was used to being treated like this. He is a skinny child in his early teens. He had short brown hair that sticked out.

The ball kept rolling rapidly down a steep hill. Greg was right behind it. The ball rolled right into a forest. Greg stopped.

It was Glendale Forest, one of the biggest forests in the city. It was practically a wall of trees. A narrow dirt path goes through the middle, however it was fenced off by the city. It was easy to jump over however no one ever wanted to go in there. People never entered the forest because there have been rumours that strange things have occurred in the forest. People have disappeared in this forest as well. It is not safe, but Greg could see the ball and it was not so far away so he tried walking in just enough to be able to get the ball. Then the ball slowly rolled back and disappeared into the darkness.

Greg backed out, but before he could run away from the forest, he was sucked back in by an unexplainable, powerful force. Deeper and deeper in to the forest he goes. He tried to get a hold of the trees but they were just too far apart for him to get a hold of. Greg looks straight ahead to see where he is going to. He sees a giant tree coming ahead.

“Owww!” Greg screams as he hits the tree and falls to the ground. As he slowly started to look up at the tree, he started to notice some interesting things about this tree compared to the others. The trunk of this tree was darker, and bigger. It had strange symbols carved onto the trunk. The symbol were not distinguishable, however it was possible that it was a different language. It also had red leaves as if it was in the middle of autumn whereas the others had bright green leaves. However the most peculiar thing of all about this tree was that there was a big hole that went through the middle of the tree. It was dark inside and you couldn't see though it, but it does go through.

Then he saw something that would have made him run for his life, but he didn’t. He heard a voice. The voice started to sing a gentle tune.

Let it shine! Let it shine!
Defend what once was mine!
Let it be! Let it be!
Give me the power to see!

All of a sudden, through the dark hole through the tree appeared two eyes. Fairly small, as if it was an infants eyes. Slowly the face poked out and floated right out of the tree. It wasn't a human. It was something that Greg had never seen before. The creature looked like a baby with shorter arms, legs and body. It also didn't have hair or a nose. It was a bright tone of yellow and was wearing something that looked like a hat with 3 spikes on either end and the middle. There was also a glowing blue light emitting from where it’s belly button should be. It was circling around the tree and the tree started to go into the ground. Then the creature approached Greg.

“What are you?” asked Greg with his mouth wide open in shock.

“I am a Fotoss. A creature that is not from this world. I am here to defend earth from my kind” responded the creature.

“Do you have a name?”

“Yes. Lunna.”

“Why are you trying to defend the world from your kind?” asked Greg still confused.

“Though I was born a Fotoss, I was raised as a Baron. The Fotoss were disgusted by the fact that I was raised by a Baron and the two races have been at war since. I was left in this planet for my protection and I have been defending this planet so no earthlings are harmed. But now the earth is in danger.”

Lunna led Greg through the forest and into a very mountainous terrain. It was entirely rocky.

“Hold onto me!” said Lunna. Greg did as he was told and within seconds, Greg started to fly. It was magical. Lunna led Greg into a cave within one of the mountains. It started to get darker ad darker, but the light on the Lunna kept the cave luminous. The Lunna came to a stop and Greg’s feet slowly started to make contact with the ground. In front of Greg and Lunna was a giant rock. Almost like an asteroid, however it had a slight glow to it, as if it was magical.

“You get one wish!” said Lunna in a friendly tone as it circled around Greg.

“I do!? I wish-“

Before Greg could continue, rocks from the side of the cave begun to fall and the cave was about to collapse. The magical glowing rock suddenly disappeared into thin air and the light on Lunna’s stomach shone brighter.

“They’re here!” said Lunna.

Greg grabbed onto Lunna and it raced towards the exit of the cave at almost the same speed as sound. Possibly faster.

As they got outside, all they saw was darkness, however the sun was still out. The darkness wasn’t caused by clouds either. It appeared to be a floating laboratory. It was huge. It had a double door entrance with plenty of windows. It had 3 stories but it practically looked like a castle. Out of the door came a man in a lab coat.

“We have been expecting you, Lunna” said the man. The man seemed quite young, possibly in his twenties. He was average height for his age. He has short and curly blonde hair with a goatee. He held a clipboard in his left hand.

As he walked closer towards the edge of the laboratory, it lowered itself closer to Lunna. It was scared, it hid behind Greg.

"How can something so powerful be so scared?" The professor said as he let out a laugh that sounded peculiarly evil. He finally got the laboratory levelled up to where Lunna and Greg were standing and walked towards the two. He reached over to grab Lunna, but it pulled away.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" shouted Greg.

"Move brat! I need Lunna!" shouted the man in a firm voice.


"I'm glad you asked. I am Dr. Magnem, a scientist studying space and I need to use Lunna to grant a very powerful wish of mine. Now come to me Lunna!"

Greg turns around and finds that Lunna has disappeared. Dr. Magnem looked with a worried hesitant face and started to walk in place.

"Oh god, where could it have gone?" Asked Dr. Magnem.

"I don't know..." said Greg.

All of a sudden, Greg's vision went blank. He heard Dr. Magnem yell, but eventually it faded out. A minute later, Greg's vision had returned. He was sitting on a park bench with Lunna floating in front of him. It was a huge, but empty park. Trees were bordering the park with a lush green field in the middle. Benches were spread out around the park accordingly.

"Don't worry Greg, we're safe here!"

Not a moment after Lunna said that, a massive asteroid came crashing onto the park field. Similar to the one that Lunna showed earlier, it had a faint glow. Chunks of the asteroid started to break apart until it was a pile of rocks. The faint glow slowly disappeared and each of them started to float individually and change into a Lunna-like creature. Lunna was still distinguishable because it's light was blue, whereas the others had green lights. Apart from those differences, they were practically identical.

"Lunna, come with us!" said one of the Fotoss.

"This is my home!"

"No it's not! It never was and it never will be!"


Before Lunna could continue, a clap was heard from behind. It was a slow, but loud sarcastic clap. Greg turned around to find Dr. Magnem walking towards them all.

"I never thought it would be easier to capture more than one Fotoss." said Dr. Magnem with a evil grin on his face. "Release the nets!"

From the trees, a huge net fell down at the speed of light and captured all the Fotoss, including Greg and Lunna. The net reached from one side of the field to the other. It had tiny gaps inside, not large enough to put your finger completely through, but enough to not have a problem breathing. The net was weighted down with heavy steel balls attached along the perimeter of the net with a meter of space in between. It was not large enough to crawl under however.

"What are you going to do with us!" asked Greg in fury.

"Well, I will use the Fotoss for my research and for you, I can easily dispose of you!" said Dr. Magnem with a hint of laughter.

"You will never get away with this!"

"But I already have!" said Dr. Magnem with an ignorant tone. As he spoke, the laboratory slowly moved over the net and lowered itself until it was only inches off the ground. The bottom of the laboratory slid open and the laboratory dropped, consuming everything within the net.