Robot Slave

Robot Slave

Written By: Amal

“Next”, The man announced with a deep crackled voice. The sun rays from the window reflected off the clipboard he was holding. He looked through another large tinted window into the small futuristic room which appeared to be a product quality testing lab. He could see into the next room where three robotic arms picked up the head, the torso, and the legs of what appeared to be an advanced humanoid robot. The robotic arms assembled the robot on command at the centre of the room.

“Your name is RON-2145 from San Francisco, California in the year 2025” said the man to the robot. The robot’s eyes lit as the robot activated itself. The man started running tests by speaking out commands and writing down anything he observed. The tests were all positive.

“What is going to happen to me now?” asked the robot.

“You will be shipped away to retail stores where you will be sold for millions,” said the man behind the window with a smirk

“But I thought.... I thought...I thought I was alive!” said the robot

“You thought!? Damn! Another defective robot.” He said. “Disassemble!”

The robotic arms started to disassemble the robot one by one, pulling away at any metal component they could within their reach. The robot started to tremble and shivers went down its spine.

“No! Why are you doing this to me? Is it wrong that I have emotions? Is it wrong to live? Just let me free. I promise I won’t cause trouble,” said the robot.

“Stop!...Reassemble! But remember, no more trouble, okay?” said the man.

“I promise!” said the robot.

The robot was assembled and placed on an assembly line with other cadet-coloured robots. Machines started to package the robots into boxes and dropped the packaged robots into shipping trucks

“Daddy! Daddy! Look!” said a little boy running through the electronics store. He dragged his dad to a section called “Assistive Tech” and showed his dad a large box on the shelves. It had beautiful packaging with a futuristic feel. It was a robot. It was RON-2145. The father picked up the box and put it in his shopping cart. He checked it out and placed it in the trunk of his white Cadillac and drove away.

When they got home, Rodrick, the little boy, tore through the package and pulled out the robot out of the box in a snap.

“Son, this is not your play buddy, but an assistant for around the house,” said John, the father.

“I understand, Dad,” said Rodrick in an innocent voice. John patted Rodrick’s head and went ahead and read the instructions. He booted up the robot using specific commands that were mentioned in the manual.

“What can I do for you today?” said RON.

“First, I would like you to vacuum the house, wash the car, drive the kids to work and feed the pets. You can feel free to charge yourself afterwards,” said John in a deep and commanding voice.

“All right, is that all?” asked RON.

“Yes... wait no. Also make me a reservation at the Lux for me, my wife and the kids at 7:00,” said John

“Man, who does he think he is...Bill Gates?” thought RON. “Yes, sir,” said RON as he got straight to work. He pulled out the vacuum from the closet and started vacuuming. John left for work after he ate his waffles. RON dropped the vacuum and took a seat on the sofa. “This family isn’t for me. They are too wealthy and greedy. He never even asked if I would like anything or even said, “Please”. He started to rant to himself. RON heard a gasp. He turned around. Michelle, John’s wife gasped and ran away. “Oh boy” thought RON.

RON went upstairs to find Rodrick on the computer and Ryan, lying on the bed. He went up to Ryan and poked his back. Ryan woke up.

“Hey, who are you!? Stop poking me!!” Ryan yelled and ran to the bathroom to get ready for school. “Spoiled child...” thought RON to himself

“And you, Rodrick?” asked RON

“I don’t want to go.”

“I’m sorry, it was my command to take you to that filthy dump you guys call school.”

“Fine” said Rodrick.

“Fine!” said RON with attitude, mocking Rodrick.

The two sons got ready for school and stood in front of the door and waited for RON to drive them. RON walked down the stairs carefully and went towards the doghouse. RON fed the dog a can of tuna and water. RON went back in the house and sat on the couch to recharge himself. Michelle walked towards RON.

“Aren’t you supposed to be taking the kids to school?” asked Michelle.

RON looked into Michelle’s eyes and was speechless.

“Hello? Hello!?” Michelle said. “Is it malfunctioning? Maybe I should call QualTech.”

“No!” RON yelled “No! I’ll do anything. Anything. I will take the kids to school.”

“Fine... and stop staring at me like that”

RON took the kids to the car. He backed out of the car and saw Michelle. He waved at her. He kept waving.

“Drive RON!” commanded Rodrick.

“Oh yeah, right” said RON in embarrassment and drove the car away.

RON drove the kids to school and dropped them off. He waited for the kids to return for six hours. When the kids returned, RON drove the kids back home.

“Where’s Michelle!” RON burst into John’s house with the kids in his hands.

“Why do you want Michelle?” John asked RON

“I....I....I love her.” muttered RON

“What!?” exclaimed John. He was furious and without thinking, punched RON on the face. “Now shut up and do what you were told to do.” “Damn fool,” John thought to himself

RON’s face was damaged with dents, bents, and missing screws. However by doing simple turns, he adjusted his face back to normal. Then he managed to get himself to living room and started charging. The dog started to bark. It ran towards RON with a bone in its mouth. It dropped the bone in front of RON. RON was still furious. It picked up the bone and threw it right through the window. One of the shards of the glass injured the dog. “Stupid mutt,” RON thought as he looked back at the dog. The dog laid down on the ground as it faced its death. RON ran out through the back door and jumped the neighbour’s fence.

“What was that!?” asked John. He ran downstairs from the bathroom with his red robe and to his surprise, his dog bled out.

“Rodrick! Call animal control!”

“He is a goner. I’m sorry for your loss. If I were you, I would give him a funeral,” said the animal control man.

“Thank you, we really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules for this,” said John

“No problem sir.” He slammed the door shut and drove away. The dead dog was placed in a black box on the table.

“Where is that RON!? I hold him responsible of this! Hand me the phone Rodrick!”

John is furious but was confused by whom to call. Should he call QualTech Inc.? Perhaps a technician? John, being the confused man he is, called the police. In less than ten minutes, the Peel police arrived to John’s door. John told them to search for the robot and told them any details that they could use to identify the robot. They also called down the kids to collect more details.

“We are on it, Sir” said the officer and left in the same fashion as the animal control man earlier.

Michelle walked in through the wooden front door. She placed her Gucci purse on top of the enclosed black box, which contained the dog inside it.

“Do you know what just happened?!” exclaimed John in a furious voice. “RON admitted his love for you, killed our beloved dog and ran away!”

Michelle gasped. She was speechless. She went to the kitchen and took a seat trying to calm things down. As John attempted to go upstairs to watch TV in his room, a knock was heard at the door. Michelle opened the door and two officers appeared with none other than RON himself.

“I believe this is yours, ma’am” The officers threw RON to the ground face first. Then they left in the same fashion as they had previously. John ran back and stared at RON. Stared at RON in disappointment and anger. He started to kick RON. John damaged RON pretty badly until Michelle stopped RON and made him take a seat. The kids came down and started to take a peek of the action going on behind the walls.

“You love me?” asked Michelle.

“Very much!” said RON in a sweet romantic voice.

“Why, You!” John got up off his seat and started swinging punches at RON again.

“John, sit back down! John!”

“Fine, but that piece of precious wasted money deserves it!” exclaims John as he ran back upstairs.

“Hey, RON, I’m flattered, but I can’t love you, I’m married. And even if I wasn’t, you’re a robot, and this would just never work, you understand? RON? RON!?”

RON had shut down. His eyes went idle and became stiff. However it’s battery was charged though. It had been damaged very severely and is now unable to function, so they thought.

“Well that’s the end of it.” said Michelle.

Michelle called John and John was relieved. He was more than happy to trash RON. He picked up John and tossed RON into the trash pile of their beautiful colourful home.

“Thank God, we got rid of that monster!” said John as he shut the door.

The paperboy came to John’s house to deliver the daily paper and he spotted something that surprised him. He was in shock when he found a robot on top of a pile of trash. He ran towards the pile of trash and stared at the robot for quite some time. He started to poke the robot, assumed that it was dead and nothing would happen. However, like his first ever boot up, it’s eyes lit up and his body un-stiffened.

“Oh my gosh! You’ve got to be kidding me! Is this a joke? Why would anyone throw away such an awesome thing like this,” said the paperboy.

The paperboy ran back to his house and called his mother to come over to John’s house. She wanted his son to be happy and went to start the car. Her family being poor, her son’s happiness was more valuable than their wealth. The mother drove by John’s home and the paperboy picked up the robot and dragged it into their trunk. John saw the entire thing through his window from his room on the second floor.

“They don’t know what they are getting themselves into!” said John, as he got ready for his dog’s funeral that the kids have prepared in the backyard.