Dream Eater

Dream Eater

Written By: Amal

“Tyrese! Get out of bed! It’s a Saturday!” Said Tyrese’s mother.

“Ughhh” Tyrese moaned as he rolled out of his bed.

Tyrese slowly creeped into the bathroom and got ready for the day ahead. He brushed his teeth and flossed like a regular obedient child and went downstairs for breakfast. His father and mother were already downstairs enjoying their meal. Tyrese went over to the table and made himself a lovely sandwich and began to chow down.

“Son, do you mind going down to the Meteorite Inc. building down the road and ask why my laptop doesn’t seem to be working?” Asked Tyrese’s father, Philip.

“No problem dad”

Meteorite Inc. was a huge tech corporation which literally makes anything. They are practically the only remaining tech company because people don’t even dare compete in the same market as Meteorite Inc.

Tyrese finished munching on his breakfast, took his dad’s briefcase and walked towards the door.

“Be safe!”

“Don’t worry mom!”

Tyrese opened the door and left, remembering to close the door behind him. The Meteorite Inc. building was just down the road so he began walking. He could see the building and the closer he got to it, the odder it looked. Tyrese never really paid attention to the building, in fact no one does. As he approached the main entrance, things started to look suspicious. It looked abandoned, as if nothing entered or left the building in a decade. Tyrese decided to knock on the main door, however there was no answer. Then Tyrese noticed another door off to the far right of the building started to creek open. Tyrese being the curious child he was, decided to approach the door.

It was a broken down white door. It was full of dents and scratches and it looked as if nobody touched it for a while. Regardless, Tyrese enters the building.It was dark and spooky, something that looked like it came out of a hollywood horror film. However, the further into the building Tyrese walked in, the more brighter it got. At some point, the room was bright enough to be able to clearly see everything in the building. It looked like the average typical tech company, computers, laptops and phones everywhere. Some look brand new, and some look like they haven’t even been released yet. Then something caught Tyrese’s attention.

In the middle of the building was a red desk. On the red desk was a glowing green orb held by a blue stand. Without thought, his first instinct was to grab a hold of the orb. The orb began to pulse. Suddenly, Tyrese’s vision was impaired and he couldn’t see anything.

Tyrese woke up not even knowing he went to bed. He didn’t. He was knocked out. He looked around and realized that he was in the middle of a flower field. The entire field was populated with colourful flowers, no two flowers looked the same. He was amazed, but scared. Where is he? What is he doing here? How do I get out? Tyrese started to run straight, assuming he could get out. Eventually, he reaches a door in the middle of the field. Yes, a random door in the middle of a flower field. Tyrese opens the door and baam, his visions gets impaired once again.

“He is awake!” An old man shouted.

50 men in lab coats ran towards Tyrese as he rose from the bed in the middle of the Tekon building.

“What happened in there?” Asked a man.

“I’m not sure, I was really confused.” answered Tyrese.

“You were the only person to enter that device. We must know!”

“I told you, I don’t know!”

“Would you go back?”


The crowd of men in lab coats gasped. One man brought the orb closer and closer t Tyrese. Tyrese got nervous and hesitant, however Tyrese still went ahead and grabbed the orb. As expected, his vision, once again goes blank.

Tyrese’s vision came back and all he could see was black and red. If he were to describe it, he would describe it as the perfect description of hell. Tyrese got hesitant and started to run. He saw a white gateway ahead and begun to run towards the gateway. He thought he could escape this scary world if he went through the gateway, but he was wrong. Very wrong. Now all he saw was black. His vision wasn’t impaired however because he could still see his hand perfectly fine. His heart started to skip a beat. It felt as if the walls were closing in on him. They were. The walls were going to kill him, he knew it. He just didn’t know when. Then Tyrese found the answer.

Tyrese re-awoke on the same bed he entered. More men in lab coats crowded the bed staring at Tyrese. Tyrese got hesitant and leaves. He runs towards the exit and runs all the way back home. He looks around at his surrounding, the trees that pass by, and imagine what would happen if he was back in the black and red room, running towards the gateway that was soon to kill him. He stopped. What if his home was the gateway. He started to get hesitant again. He didn’t want the same thing to happen as before. However disregarding that, he ran back home, faster than he did before.

“Hey son, did you get my-”

Tyrese cut off his father as he ran into the home, not paying any attention to his father and ran up the stairs and into his room. He locked the door behind him and jumped into bed. Tyrese was nervous because his leg was still shaking, most likely from the shock that he had just experienced. He looked up to the ceiling and thought about what he experienced for a minute.

His first experience with the orb was happy and peaceful, as if he was living in a paradise. Though he was scared, he was scared because he was lonely, not because of his surroundings.

His second experience with the orb was a horrible and scary experience. Like mentioned before, it was the perfect description of hell, except the fact that there was no one there. He was lonely again, but this time, he wasn’t frightened because he was lonely, but because of his surroundings.

Then Tyrese’s vision goes blank.