Written By: Shahrose

Mike was quite surprised when he saw Hank’s dad inside McDonalds.

“Hey, how are you?” Mike said in a blissful voice, “how may I help you with your order today?”

“Thanks, but I’m here to see Hank,” said Hank’s dad.

“But he just left 2 hours ago; he finished his work early, so the manager told him that he could leave early,” replied Mike.

The recently opened fast-food restaurant, McDonalds was located at the riverside. This McDonalds was one of the few McDonalds in China. It was the month of July and the dog days of summer. It was Saturday and ten in the morning. The blue sky was clear and the scorching sunlight wouldn’t let anyone stand outside, but there was a totally different story inside McDonalds. It was air conditioned. The restaurant was quite big so was the population of China. McDonalds was getting crowded. The aroma of fresh food being cooked was so good and was spread all over the place. The two young fellows, Mike and Hank, were working as a cashier over there.

Hank and Mike were best friends. It had been 6 months since Hank came to China with his dad. They were quite good at managing their jobs. While they were busy with their work, an old man came in who drew their attention right away. It seemed that he was in his fifty’s. He was wearing a black hat that totally covered his head. The long black coat made him look very suspicious. The long weird coat seemed to be from the early 80’s with a torn pocket on the left side. He was a fuddy-duddy guy. All that they could see was his face and a strange tattoo on his neck. He came in and took a seat without ordering anything. He took a seat beside the window from where he could see what’s happening outside. Couple of hours passed by, but he was still on same spot just sitting there observing the scenario outside. After a while Hank started feeling suspicious about the old man, so he went up to Mike and said that,

“I think I should go up to him and ask if there is any problem.”

Mike replied saying,

“Yeah why not, go ahead.”

Hank left his place and started walking towards the old guy. While he was walking towards the old guy; the old guy gave Hank a terrifying look at which Hank came to halt.

“Whoa! I think I should return back. This man doesn’t seem normal to me.” Hank whispered to himself.

Hank started walking towards him anyways as it was his duty to serve his customers well.

“Excuse me sir! Can I help you with anything?” said Hank.

The old guy behaved in such a manner as if he had not heard anything.

“Excuse me sir! Can I help you with anything?” said Hank again with a firm voice.

Mike was trying to bend over backwards but the old guy didn’t even bother to look at him. Hank couldn’t think of anything, so he went to the manager as he thought that it was his duty to inform his superior of such a situation. Hank just went right into the office without knocking the door and said:

“Hello sir, sorry for the interruption, but I wanted to update you on a situation regarding a person sitting in our restaurant right now,” said Hank.

The manager abruptly closed his laptop and ended the phone call he was on. It seemed as if he got frightened on the unexpected entry of Hank.

“Yeah what about him?” said the manager while he loosen his tie, “And next time you come in make sure you knock and cut to the chase, I’m busy.”

“There is this old guy sitting in our restaurant for the past few hours and has not even ordered something. He has this creepy and suspicious type of looks. I tried to talk to him, but he didn’t respond back. I think we should call the cops or something,’’ said Hank.

“No no le.... leave it. Let me handle this. He might be disturbed or something and we can’t just call cops on a person who is just sitting in our restaurant and doing nothing. Mike told me that you’re done for the day, so you may go home if you want to,” said the manager.

“Alright sir goodbye, have a nice day,” said Hank.

Hank closed the door of the office and also said bye to Mike. As he was leaving he noticed that the old guy was not sitting at his place. However, he decided not to think about it and left McDonalds.

After 2 hours, Hank’s dad came into McDonalds and had a little conversation with Mike. After the talk they came to know that Hank was missing, and he was not answering his phone. They asked the other employees about Hank but none of them had a clue about him. It had been 2 hours and there was no sign of him. The situation was getting critical. Hank’s dad was getting worried about him and Mike was also very much tensed. Mike then went to the manager with Hank’s dad as he was the last person Hank talked to. The manager also couldn’t help them in any way, but he told them that Hank came to me and was complaining about an old suspicious guy.

“Yeah, there was an old guy who came here this morning and he was totally acting eccentric. I think he has something to do with this situation,” said Mike to Hank’s dad as he had solved the puzzle.

Mike described how the old guy looked and what exactly happened that morning. Then they rushed towards outside to see if Hank’s car was parked or not? The car was parked on the left hand side of the main entrance. Mike ran towards it and there he saw Hank’s cell phone which was dropped at the ground with some blood on it. Some drops of blood could also be seen on the car’s front door. Hank’s dad eyes rolled out of his sockets when he saw the blood.

“What happened to Hank? Is he dead? Is he kidnapped? Where is my son? Where is he? Said Hank’s dad in a frightened voice.

“Relax! Hank is going to be alright. He will be absolutely fine,” replied Mike.

They had no option left except to call the police. Exactly after 10 minutes the police siren could be heard and at last the police reached. The area was sealed for investigation. Everyone inside the McDonalds was asked to leave and no one was allowed to enter the area. The officer who was in charge of that case asked different questions from Mike, Hank’s dad, the manager and some other people who were present there at that moment. Hank’s dad and Mike were suspecting the old guy that he was the reason why Hank is missing. After the investigation the officer had a mutual thought that the old guy they are talking about was involved in it but he was not sure though. However, the officer sent two of his men to find out who that guy was and where did he live. Meanwhile Mike saw an automated teller machine (atm) which was located right in front of the parking lot.

“Sir look..... look there is an atm and I hope so that there is a video camera in it. By watching the recorded video we can know what exactly happened here,” said Mike to the police officer while pointing his index finger towards the atm.

“Nice job! You used your loaf. Now this is going to help us figure out things quite easily,’’ replied the police officer.

The officer contacted the bank and told them what the situation was and asked them for the recorded video. After some time a man reached with the video. Everyone was desperately waiting to see what was in that video. Mike and the police officer started watching the video and got a severe shock after watching it.

“Where is he?’’ the police officer asked Hank’s dad.

“Where is who?’’ Hank’s dad replied.

“The manager,’’ said Mike.

“He was standing right here, but why? What happened? What was in that video?’’ said Hank’s dad.

After that, Mike and the police officer gave a knee-jerk reaction and they rushed towards the manager’s office and Hank’s dad followed them. And there they saw blood all over the table and the dead manager who committed suicide by a silver revolver.