The Rain

The Rain

Written By: Amal

It was a beautiful day, the sun shone bright
It was almost turning dark, what a shame
Only if it were this bright every night
Who is it to take the blame

At night, i was awake
Staring at the moon as i laid
Shame it is too dark to bake
The darkness will not forever stay

Soon enough the sun came up
Brightness crashed through the glass panes
The sun has been released from its cuffs
Oh wait no, it started to rain

Oh my, how much time flies by
Its almost morning once more
Oh, how much I wished the rain would die
This day will be such a bore

The rain came down, harder and harder
The sun slowly started to fade away
The rain sounded like a broken car starter
For the sun, how much would I have to pay?

I backed away from the window in fear
Fear of the sun not coming back
The ground was bare, not a single deer
I felt so empty, like there was something I lack

The rain faded away, one drop after another
The rain finally started to die
Soon, it sounded like a simple mutter
Once again, the sun began to rise

The sun stayed, for more than an entire day
Great, how much I wish it always was like this
I wish I could just go outside and lay
It would feel like an everlasting bliss