Breakout II

Breakout II

Written By: Amal

Lincoln pulls out a blackberry and gets a sim card from his pocket and slips in in to the back of the phone.

“You have two phones?” asks Michael.

“No.. this is your phone. Take it.” replies Lincoln as he hands over the blackberry to Michael.

“I think I know some guys that might be interested in working on a project like this. Lemme give them a call” says Michael.

“Sounds good. I wasn't really trying to make money off this-“ Michael interrupts Lincoln by answering a phone call.

The cab pulls up to the departure portion of the airport. Lincoln paid the cab driver and left the cab.

“I got us a team and a building in Mexico” said Michael.

“Wait what…. That fast… Well at least we can occupy ourselves for the next several days.” says Lincoln.

Two hours later, the men find themselves in the plane. They start talking about future plans for a company that they plan on starting in Mexico.

“Aphro! Lets call it Aphro!” exclaims Lincoln.

“Yeahh… What about Alpha?” suggests Michael.

“Sure why not. Alpha Inc. Sounds good” verifies Lincoln. “So what happens when we land this guy?”

“I have one of our team members pick us up and take us to the building. Then we have some decorating to do.” says Michael.

“Gotcha.” says Lincoln in relief. “I’ll be right back, I have to go to the bathroom.”

Lincoln gets up and walks down the narrow aisle and towards the bathroom. Somebody is already in the bathroom so Lincoln waits. The door suddenly opens and a man walks out.

“Hey Lincoln, funny seeing you here” says a tall built man. He is wearing a button up shirt.

“Trevor… You’re alive?” says Lincoln in shock.

“Hmm… Lincoln has been in the bathroom for quite some time. Is he okay?” thinks Michael.

Michael gets up from his seat and heads towards the bathroom looking for Lincoln. He gets to the bathroom and realizes it is occupied. He knocks a couple times to check up on Lincoln.

“Lincoln, are you all right? Lincoln!?” Michael asks as his tone gets louder and louder.

Michael grabs onto the doorknob and tugs at it a couple of times. Eventually, the door opens and what Michael sees surprises him. He runs towards the nearest flight attendant and calls for help. The flight attendant walks towards the bathroom and faints upon first glance. Another flight attendant walks by and is in shock by what she sees. She runs towards the intercom and starts speaking.

“Attention, all passengers. It has come to our knowledge that there may be a man or woman carrying dangerous equipment. Please be careful as we try to deal with the situation,” says the flight attendant as she glances back at Lincoln’s dead body resting on the toilet.

The crew investigates this event and tries to identify the suspect. Michael is back in his seat reassuring himself. Before he heads back, he grabs Lincoln’s phone and slips it into his pocket. He pulls it out and stares at it closely, as if there may be clues and mysteries lying within it. Michael is thinking about his dream to own a future company and comes to a conclusion that selling the product to another company to make would be a smarter idea. He would make a lot of money and not have anything on his mind.

“Attention, all passengers. We have confirmed that the suspect is no longer on the plane. We assure you that you are all safe.” says the flight attendant.

Michael saw this coming. It was about time Lincoln is going to be murdered. The question is who murdered him. Michael is curious as to whether the flight attendant is able to identify the suspect, so he goes looking for her.

Michael doesn’t remember the flight attendant completely, but he does remember certain of her features. She has brown hair, is approximately 5’10 and has pale skin. With that in mind, Michael goes searching for her.

Twenty minutes later, Michael still can’t find the flight attendant so he thinks that she might be at the back of the plane where the flight attendants usually are. He goes to the back and finds the flight attendant tied to a chair with her mouth taped shut. Michael’s instinct is to save the flight attendant. He runs towards her and tries to untie the rope slowly.

“Hello Michael. Long time no see.” says a man from behind in a deep voice.

“Hello? Who is it?” asks Michael as he quickly turns around into the dark corner from which the voice came.

“Don’t you remember me, Michael. It is me, Trevor…” says the man as he comes out of the dark corner into visible light.

“Trevor… How…. What? Aren’t you dead?” says Michael.

“Funny, those were Lincoln’s last words, too… Let me ask you something. Do I look dead to you!” exclaims Trevor.

“You… killed… Lincoln! You’re a sick man!” exclaims Michael.

“Says the man who burned a house down for money… You have always been motivated by money, haven’t you Michael” says Trevor.

“What are you doing here! Why are you here!” says Michael.

“This plane right here… do you remember this plane. This is the plane that Lincoln hid all your money in after you got caught. That is why i’m here to take it.” says Trevor.

“Wait! What….? It’s hidden in this plane!?” says Michael in shock.

“Yeah.. and your little friend wouldn’t tell me the combination to get to it so i sent him to a nice place.” says Trevor with joy.

While Michael and Trevor are talking, the flight attendant manages to escape. She grabs some lemons and sneaks up behind Trevor. Michael notices the flight attendant as she sneaks up behind Trevor, so Michael stalls Trevor even more.

“You do realize that Lincoln didn’t know the password to access my money, right?” says Michael.

“Yeah, but it was worth a shot - neither Lincoln nor Kelly knew the password” says Trevor.

“Wait… Kelly…. You didn’t do anything to her, right?” asks Michael.

Before Trevor can answer, the flight attendant comes out from behind and squeezes the lemons right into Trevor’s eyes. Trevor’s eyes start to tear up as he falls to the ground. The flight attendant reaches for Trevor’s gun and without any hesitation, shoots Trevor in the head.

Back in the main cabin, the passengers are going crazy after the recent gunshot. The pilot hears the gunshot and lands the airplane in a nearby public airport. Two armed officers come up and search the plane. They reach the back of the plane, only to find Trevor lying on the ground with blood pouring out of his body. They also find a hole in the rear of the plane. One of the officers looks through the hole and spots Michael and the flight attendant running away towards the airport exit.

“Come with me!” shouts Michael at the flight attendant.

The flight attendant nods her head and follows Michael into a shiny, white limo.

“Welcome back, Boss. Long time no see” says the driver of the limo.

“Good to be back, Mario” replies Michael, “Now get me back to headquarters.”

“Right away, sir!” replies Mario.

An hour and a half later, the limo comes to a stop.

“Here we are, Boss!” says Mario.

“My, has this place changed!” replies Michael as he exits the limo. He holds the door open as the flight attendant gets out of the limo.

“Nice job, Kelly!” says Michael as the two of them enter the building.

“I still don’t understand the point of this, Michael,” replies Kelly, “Why kill Lincoln and Trevor?”

I’ll tell you more when we get inside into my office.

Michael walks into the lobby. He waves at everybody he sees as he heads towards the elevator at the far end. The two of them get it and head towards the highest level. When the elevator comes to a halt, the two of them leave the elevator and walk towards Michael’s desk. Michael takes a seat and gestures Kelly to take a seat as well. He pulls out Lincoln’s phone from his pocket and starts explaining everything to Kelly.

“30 years ago, all three of us robbed a bank. However I only told them how to rob the bank and wasn’t involved in the actual robbery.” says Michael.

Kelly gasps, but does not interrupt Michael.

“I made sure that Lincoln and Trevor were the robbers because I trusted Lincoln and Trevor to leave all the money in the safe. Then, when i transferred the money from the first safe to the second safe, I made Lincoln believe that Trevor had robbed the money. This way, Lincoln kills Trevor and there is one less person to pay.” says Michael.

“Did he not suspect you?” asks Kelly.

“In order to not make myself a suspect, I turned myself in, so that Lincoln believed that I was defending him. However I had forgotten the fact that Lincoln would not kill a fly. This is why I had to have Trevor kill Lincoln in the plane, and, in order for me to keep all the money, I had to kill Trevor.” says Michael.

“So what’s with Lincoln’s phone? Why was it so important?” asks Kelly.

“Before I got arrested, I had sent Lincoln the combination in an email. I deleted the email from my laptop afterwards…” says Michael.

“But it was still on his… That’s genius! But how did you know that Lincoln would not go steal the money afterwards” asks Kelly.

“He couldn’t. It wasn’t the combination to the safe. It was the combination to my locker in high school. “ replies Michael as he packs a couple important items and walks towards the exit.

“Where are you going?” asks Kelly.

“Back to Timmons Secondary.” says Michael in a quiet voice. Kelly tags along.

The two of them go back to the lobby and exit the massive building. Within seconds, a police cruiser pulls over. The officers get out of their cruiser and arrest Kelly. Kelly screams and asks the officers why they are arresting her. Once the officers get Kelly calmed and seated in the back of the cruiser, Michael walks towards the window.

“My dear, how could you? You killed two people. Its a shame. I really do miss Lincoln and Trevor.” Michael says in a quiet voice. He has a small grin on his face. He walks away chuckling. Michael then calls a cab. Within minutes, a cab pulls over. Michael gets in and takes a seat at the back. He shows the cab driver directions and they are on their way to Timmons Secondary.