The Waker

The Waker

Written By: Amal

I walked through the wooden slate doors. I was greeted by my parents. They didn't say a word to me. I continued towards my seat and sat down in front of a wooden coffin, similar in colour to the wooden doors from the front. I got up and walked towards the coffin to pay my respects. I stood in front of the coffin and mumbled a few words, looking straight and not into the eyes of the deceased. Then for a quick second, I looked down into his eyes. They were my eyes. I looked at his face. It was my face. It was me.

Eighteen years ago, at the Mansfield Civic Hospital, I was born. I was the first child to be born into the McWhire family and my dad was couldn't be more proud that he had a son. He could play baseball and go fishing with him and teach him cool manly skills. As my dad walked down the halls to go to the bathroom, the power went out. Red emergency lights lit up the hall. My dad was worried and ran back to the room where I was born. The lights came back on and everything seemed fine, except one thing. I was missing.

There was a hole in the window that wasn't there before. It was large enough for the average man to be able to walk through. My dad instantly jumped to the conclusion that I was kidnapped. But by who? Why? More importantly, how? We were on the 22nd floor and it was very hard to believe a man jumped that high off the ground.

Two hours after submitting a missing baby report to the police department, I was found. My parents were thrilled and acted as if I was re-born. However after the first night, my parents, especially my dad suspected something. This baby doesn't seem like the one that was crying out loud in the hospital. I was too quiet for a baby. I never ate and I never pooped. My parents were very worried about my health and took me to the doctor's office instantly the next day.

At the doctor's office, my mother was waiting for her appointment. I was in a sling. The secretary at the counter was organizing a couple of papers when the doctor walked in to call my mother. My mother walked into the room with me in a sling. The doctor took out a couple of miniature medical tools that he used to test various parts of my body. According to the doctor, I was in perfect health. In fact it was to a point of perfection that seemed rather odd. He did a couple more tests and ran some x-rays. He told my mother to wait near the front counter as he gets the results printed out. My mom did as instructed and waited near the counter. She started a conversation with the secretary when all of a sudden, the power went out. It went out in a similar fashion compared to the event from the hospital. The power came back minutes later and everybody seemed to be fine. I didn't disappear this time. However the secretary dropped to the ground. Did she faint? My mother ran with me in her sling towards the car as fast as she could as if she was running a 50 km marathon. She buckled me into the car seat and drove home.

When my mother got home, she was exhausted. She put me into my crib and slept next to my dad. At this point, both my parents knew that something is up. Something is happening to their family and it may or may not have something to do with my existence. That night, my parents couldn't sleep. They believed that the safety of their child was at risk. They tried to recall all the events that had occurred and how they all share one thing, the power outs. It is only when these power puts occur that something out of the ordinary seemed to have occurred.

The next morning, my mother was glued to the television watching the news. She normally doesn't watch the news. What is going on in the news? I slowly crawl downstairs and to the television. My doctor was on the screen. He was dead. He died the day that we went for our appointment. After the power out? There was something different about his death though. His death was caused by an issue in the heart and they mentioned that the odd part was that they found out that his heart was black. Why does he have a black heart? How?

You could imagine how paranoid my parents were. My dad event went as far as to never let me out of my sight. He would watch me all day, just watching. I assumed he got bored, but he was paranoid and he wanted answers fast. What is going on? Who is doing this? Why is this happening?

For four years, everything seemed to be going normally. I started to eat, which means I also started to go to the bathroom. It is a day before my birthday. I could hear my parents preparing the kitchen for a small birthday party that they are going to throw me tomorrow. I could smell the chocolate cake all the way in my room. I was excited about tomorrow. I was more excited about the coming Monday, which is when I get to sign up for school.

I woke up on my birthday. I walked down to see my parents hug me and congratulate me on my birthday. My dad was taking pictures and singing. My mother was preparing me some cake on a plate and singing along with my father as well. Then all of a sudden, the power went out. Yes, in a similar fashion as before. As expected, it came back on in a few minutes and everything seemed normal. However something was different. My father knew it too. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but never-the-less, he didn't put his guard down the entire day.

Days passed and my father still didn't put his guard down. It was finally the day to sign up for school My father insisted that he took me to school and was being alert the entire time. He got to the school and registered me into the school. He let me talk to the other kids and play with them, however he never let eyes off me. He was watching me the entire time. Then a toddler started to push me down. Since I was four, I didn't know any better and did the first thing that came to my mind. I threw the toy firetruck that I had in my hands at him. It hit his face. He fell over and got knocked out. His parents ran into the play area along with my father. His parents took his son and left, not saying a word to the teacher, my father or myself. The teacher insisted that she talk to me privately in the next room. As I left my dad's sight, the power went out again. Yes, in the same fashion as before. My dad screamed. He called my name repeatedly. The power came on and I ran to my dad. Everything was fine. So it seemed.

That night, my parents were watching a movie together while I was in bed. I woke up and went downstairs. I ate a couple handfuls of popcorn and insisted that I sleep with my parents. My parents understood and powered down the television and went to their room with me. My mother noticed that I forgot to turn off my lights, so she went to do it herself. As she went in, she realized that someone was in the crib. It was me. However I was with my dad already sleeping in bed. My mother was confused. She walked towards the crib and was in shock. She screamed. My father woke up and ran into my room to see my mother against a corner and frozen in shock. My father went to see what was in the crib and was also shocked. He saw me. Dead.

The dead body. It wasn't me. Who was it? Someone who looked like me? Well he didn't look exactly like me. There were some noticeable differences. For one, he had darker skin and longer hair. He also seemed to be taller. Not by much, but enough to tell us apart. Perhaps he is the answer to all our questions? But he's dead...

The next day, 3 police officers and one detective came to our home to investigate the issue. Ten minutes later, they found more shocking news. In our attic were more of these dead bodies. They were different sizes and height. It seemed as if these were clones of me from previous stages of my life. There were close to approximately 30 bodies in our attic.

The officer quickly hand-cuffed my parents and took them into the car. I don't blame the officer however. If I found a ton of bodies in a house, my first instinct would probably be to arrest the owners.

I stayed at home alone. I watched my parents being shoved into a police car. I knew they were innocent, but I didn't know how to prove it. After a good ten minutes, the power went out again. I panicked because I was alone and vulnerable.

I quickly grabbed a flashlight that was on the desk in my room and turned it on. What I saw was the most frightening and oddly the most fascinating thing I ever saw. I saw what appeared to be a hooded ghost. He was reaching into my body and pulling something out. He was pulling out me, out of my own body. What?! How!? Not long after, I was completely out of my body and i stared at it as it dropped dead to the floor. The ghost-like object disappeared and the power came back.

I quickly ran into the bathroom to see myself in the mirror to see if I was okay. I was. I looked perfectly fine, if anything, better. I went back to the spot where I spotted the ghost-like object. Then I realized something. The body was missing. Where did it go?