World War

World War

Written By: RahulG

"Yes! It's going to be an all-nighter!" I said to my parents at eleven o'clock in the night. "Movies, popcorn, and video games all night long!"

"Calm down Travis! Friday comes every week, there is no need to get excited." My parents replied bumming me out. That is my name, Travis, Travis Flynn, I am fifteen years old, and I am an only child.

"Now go to bed, you have to help me trim the grass tomorrow; and at seven am, you should be ready."

"Awww..." I replied hoping for it to rain tomorrow. Subsequently, I gradually commenced to walk up the stairs.

"Wait! What was that?" I said to myself with a concerned voice. "Oh! I am probably just hearing things" Maybe my mind was remembering my new game that I was playing all day today. It was a first person shooter called ‘Platinum head, take it or leave it.' However, I did not really agree with myself, I heard that a lot of controversy has been stirred up. I have also heard that Europe, America, and Canada were going to go to war because they were running out of natural resources and free, open land. Nonetheless, they were just rumours.

Consequently, I continued to walk up the stairs when I heard yelling and gun firing. It was so strident that it sounded like it was all happening next door; then, I thought that Europe had already come and are taking over land. However, the other side of my mind thought that it was the neighbours were just having a very noisy social gathering. "Whatever, as long as I am okay, I should not worry." I said to myself. For some reason, I went back downstairs to check if all of the cars were locked, if the garage was closed, if the doors were all locked and to see if all of the windows were closed and locked. It was the middle of August hence we always opened up all of the windows instead of air conditioning the house. Then, I ran upstairs. Once I had entered my bathroom, I examined myself, and I noticed that my bathroom window was open. Again, for some reason I closed the window as fast as I could.

After brushing my teeth, I jumped into my bed, but I was nervous maybe even frightened. There was something in my mind that was bothering me, I know it was not school as it is summer vacation and I always am a good student. I also knew that it was not that anything was unlocked. Then, I heard my door slam, it was probably my dad closing my door. Then I heard footsteps thumping on the solid oak stairs. Well, that was probably my mom then.

However, something still was bothering me, yes, that is it. That is the thing that was bothering me. It was about the rumours that I had been hearing, I was worried if the armies were actually coming. From that thought, I gently fell asleep.

"Oh my god! What was that?" It sounded like a bomb explosion, I checked the time, it was four-thirty in the morning. I saw my mom running around, I think she was crying. I asked her what happened but no reply, instead, she told me to pack all of my necessary and personal belongings. I did not want to get in trouble for asking so many questions, hence I just did what was asked. I still did not shower. Usually, as soon as I get out of bed, I would brush my teeth and shower immediately, however, I am wearing the same night suit for about three days now. A red shirt with stars, with cobalt blue pants.

Consequently, I showered as fast as I could and I started packing my things. After showering, I wore a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, with a nice red dress shirt. Subsequent to packing my things, I head downstairs to eat breakfast. I was hoping for a five star breakfast, but I did not see anything on the breakfast area. I sat down for a while wondering what actually happened, then my dad came downstairs. He just took my bag and started to stuff my school snacks in it. I asked him what happened. He told me that Europe and America are here and taking our open land, and if you do not surrender the land then they bomb the whole neighbourhood.

After that explanation, my dad told me to save myself, then he pushed me out of the house. I completely understood his decision, he may have been under pressure, and however, I did not like his decision. Now what to do, I saw this man with a gun at the end of the road, he was shooting innocent people. I just was shocked that people would do things like this just to get more land. Why did they not just reuse and not over use the land/resources in the first place?

I did not even turn the other way, then his eye met my eye and he turned towards me. I had just been spotted and it had might have been my last few minutes to live; then, an army officer comes from behind the back and subdued him. I had been saved, consequently, as it is the year 2020, I ran to my motorbike, every kid has one now, they are like a bicycle of the future. As I backed out of the driveway, I saw another man trying to kill me. Forget about backing out, I ran through the front lawn. It still had dew on it as it was about six am then. I drove at one hundred kilometres an hour. With no one to be behind me.

I then stopped at my friend's house, William H. Gates. He was rich, the exterior of his house had nice white smooth stucco. This house probably had like a million rooms. I ran out of gas for my motorcycle I should have gotten the hybrid version of this, it saves much more money. I searched inside William's house, but no one was to be found, then, I entered William's room and I hear yelling. I follow the sound and I see William tied up in his closet, I untie him, and I asked him to tag along with me. He said that his parents were kidnapped, I felt sorry for him, I wish that I could have done something; but my parents were probably still at home. I asked for gas to fill up the fuel tank in my motorcycle and he gave it to me.

Accordingly, we continued our journey on the motorcycle. We had probably had ridden on that thing for hours, until the tire popped. Now, there were two kids in the middle of nowhere in the middle of a war.

"Where are we?" William asked. I replied with a messed up voice "I do not know, we might have been kidnapped." Next thing we notice, that there are hundreds of other people on the same boat with us. Two German guards entered the facility, me, and William both noticed that they did not close the door, hence, we ran there as quietly as we could. We did not leave just then, we waited to see what was going to happen to those people. I think they were saying to hand over their bags or get shot. Then we saw some people fall to the floor. We both ran away.

We commenced to walk, next thing you know, it is seven o'clock pm. Me and William both did not eat anything for the whole day. Subsequently, I took out the granola bars that my dad packed with me and I split it with me and William. Then, we decided to try to remember the path back home. Fortunately, we made it, it was about eleven in the night, and I brought William with me as he had nowhere to go. I saw the bodies of my parents lying outside. I guess as soon as they walked out of the house, they were shot.

William and I both buried the bodies, and said a few words about them, kind of like a memorial. Then, William found out that his parents had died in a roadside explosion.

Then, William and I went to an orphanage. Everything had been destroyed. Every night at the orphanage, we hoped for this war to be over soon. After living a couple years in the orphanage, the war stopped. Me and William were both seventeen and the year was 2022. We both had no one that we could call mom or dad, hence, we stayed in the orphanage and never wasted anything again. As this war began from the greed of more open land.