Written By: Suriya

The last thing Wane Siron remembered was the plane descending at a ridiculously steep angle. The next time he opened his eyes was in the twisted fuselage of the plane, suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his right arm and he looked down and saw, a wide gash along his arm and his blood stained black t-shirt and blue jeans. Wane groggily sat up and spotted a few scattered items within the plane. He got anything of use to him and he could tell he didn't have much time, as the smell of airplane fuel grew stronger. He grabbed all he can and dived out of a twisted opening in the wreckage and as he was running away, he heard a large bang as the plane exploded into a colourful blaze. When he was moving into the island, a question in his mind did intrigue him… would he survive or die?

As he started walking towards higher ground, he reflected upon his past and what events led up to this misfortune. He remembered boarding British airways flight 9827. Suddenly an image of his lost love Katrina appeared in his head and he was immediately overwhelmed with grief and pain. "How could I do it?" Wane kept muttering to himself as a tear formed in his eye. Then he whispered to himself …"Her sacrifice was not in vain". Then he quietly sat down. The last thing he remembered was hearing the pilot calmly announce over the PA "May I have your attention please, at this time we will be making a crash landing so buckle your seat-belts and brace for impact". Soon after…panic ensued. After walking for about an hour, he heard a faint and distant voice from what seems to be that of a man. He cautiously approached the voice until he saw the person. "Hello, is there anyone out there!" the man yelled. The person was a man with ragged clothes and he didn't seem harmful so Wane announced himself to him. "Don't worry, I'm a friendly" Wane replied calmly. The man was relieved and was happy to meet Wane. "I'm so relieved that were not the only ones who survived!" replied the man in ragged clothes enthusiastically. He soon joined up with them and learned that there was a second and third survivor and that they had camp under a large tree. He soon learned their names. The man in ragged clothes was Louise Roberts, a schoolteacher with an outgoing personality and the men back at the camp were Navin Bob who was a really lazy person and jack who was a CIA operative.

Their greetings were soon cut short however and Wane noticed that dusk was approaching. They started preparing to go to sleep and as he closed his eyes, the same question popped up in his head "would he survive or die?" The sun glistened in his eyes as he awoke. Wane then noticed that the pain in his arm was gone and he glanced down and saw what looked like a cast made from clothing. He got up and jogged towards where the others were. He spotted Louise Roberts and jack cruise talking with an unfamiliar person. Wane cautiously walked up and saw that the person was a woman in what seemed to be in her mid 30's. She had auburn hair and her clothes were tattered. But she didn't seem to be affected much and her smile brought glowing warmth to his face. Louise and jack turned around and she introduced herself. "Hi my name is Rose Williams, it's a pleasure to meet you, and I hope your arm feels better." She replied enthusiastically. Wane then said thanks to Rose and turned to more pressing matters at hand. Their supplies were short and Wane estimated that the rations would last for a little under a week. Wane then started thinking about the survivors and their chances of survival. Everybody seemed fit enough and was kind enough to contribute…all except Navin. Wane felt that his actions might cost them dearly. Then they all discussed their plans for survival. The rest of the day was spent gathering food from the jungle, building an appropriate tent and lighting a signal flare for any hopes of rescue.

As dusk soon fell Wane gazed at the heavens and soon fell asleep under the warm glow of the campfire and hoped for this turmoil within him to rest. Last night's events could not compare to today's peril. Earlier in the day, the group went on a scavenging trip to gather as much supplies as possible because supplies were running short. But somehow the group got together and worked together. Wane took the leadership role in the group and led them into the dense jungle where they searched for food, water and practically anything useful to survive. The search was fruitful and they found an abundance of fruits and they accumulated 10 litres of fresh drinking water. Their happiness and joy was soon cut short however by a quickly forming tropical storm that proved to be fearsome. Because of their teamwork everyone worked together hastily and they pulled through the storm and managed to save their bounty. One person did not help with the efforts however and that same person was none other than Navin Bob. However, now was not the time to pick fights and so the rest of the team worked hard to survive. As they were walking back to the camp they were all in a lightened mood after the following incidents and they were all talking and having a good time. As he looked back on today's ludicrous adventure, Wane thought that living there might not be so hard after all. He then happily dozed off under the colourful sound of the jungle. "May god have mercy on our souls!" Wane exclaimed as he viewed the approaching zombie horde. The next day was stupendous, Jack had fallen ill from the clutches of malaria and they were facing danger around the corner. Luckily however they found their luggage and they found a new member to their group. Her name was Leslie Smith and they found her with their luggage but she was badly injured.

As Rose was taking care of Leslie and Jack, Louise and Wane were preparing to fend of the invasion of the undead. Wane was in luck because he found his suitcase filled with brass knuckles, a fully loaded spas-12 shotgun with 30 shotgun rounds and a Barrett sniper rifle with 30 rounds. The amount of weapons and ammunition he possessed would not suffice. Death was not on his mind however, even if this was his last stand he would die protecting the people that he loved…something he didn't do for Katrina. Wane's became saddened as his memories of Katrina flooded his mind…her beautiful smile…her scarlet red hair… and the terrified look on her face before she died. Wane's trip down memory lane was soon cut short however when a vicious pack of hyenas charged at rose. He quickly reacted by taking out his spas-12 and spammed the trigger on the hyenas as each one dropped dead. "That was close" Wane whispered to rose. She then got back to healing the wounded and sick. If he was not to repeat the same mistake he made 2 years ago, then he is going to have to protect the most vulnerable people who were rose, Jack and Leslie. Their group made the decision to make a stand on the hill and the entire group helped…except Navin. Wane was actually worried about Navin because he disappeared that morning. All of their hopes were low and they were all in a state of melancholy and despair. But they still had a small spark of hope…the will to live. Wane thought about this as he turned to confront the living nightmare. If lady luck existed, then they needed it most right now. "Darkness…utter darkness…is this it, is this how it feels to embrace death?" whispered Wane. He couldn't remember what happened next.

Suddenly shimmer of light appeared out of nowhere. He opened his eyes and that shimmer of light turned out to be the warm sun rising to the east. He looked down and saw that his arm was bleeding. He looked at the zombie threat and much to his delight the sun was burning them! Wane turned around and looked for his comrades, Louise had survived though he was badly injured and rose was all right too. It seems she was protecting the sick from the zombie invasion with a shovel. The last thing Wane remembered about yesterday was protecting rose from a zombie attack by sacrificing himself and thus ending up with his wounded arm. Even though they were injured, fatigued and grim they managed to hold of the zombies until dawn. "Thank god" Wane whispered to himself as his eyes started to form tears of joy. However, suddenly Rose's triumphant look turned into a panicked look as jack started coughing blood, it seems that Jack's condition had worsened and wouldn't make it without professional care. Wane glanced up at the sky and wished that this horrific nightmare would come to an end. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his back and he collapsed on the ground. Wane turned around and saw Navin; he was holding a bloody knife in his right hand. "I'm sorry, I was forced to kill you by Gary Sanderson" whispered Navin and with that he took off into the jungle. Wane clenched his heart tightly as rose came to his side panicked and distressed. "Don't worry, I will not let you die!" yelled Rose as tears welled up in her eyes. Just as she said that they heard a humming coming from the west. Wane painfully turned his head and saw a pave low helicopter approaching their camp. Suddenly Wane's stomach and lungs were in pain and he knew he didn't have much time. Wane smiled as rose became panic stricken and as she was working and trying to help him he told her to stop. "My time is up in this world and there isn't anything that can be done to stop it," whispered Wane. The last moment of his life that he remembered was seeing the group safe; they were boarding the pave low…everyone was safe…his life fulfilled and his sins have been erased. "I'm sorry Katrina, I can finally see you in another world" Wane whispered, he remembered her angelic smile and her affectionate laugh as his eyes slowly closed shut.