Dawn of Humanity

Dawn of Humanity

Written By: AdhilH

They say the first rulers of the land were the dinosaurs during the Dino era. However, it was no surprise for the animals. The dinosaurs were not only the biggest and the most powerful, but they were cruel and the worst creatures to ever exist. They ruled over the animals using fear and strength and treated them like dirt. They insulted the great God, the God that provided the land with life and light during its cycle through day. They knew the God as "Erron". Even the plant-eaters went around destroying nests and claiming the trees for themselves. The other animals did not know why these creatures were so horrible, but the wise ones among them believed that, because they were the rulers of the land, with their pride, might and power they could do whatever they wanted.

Decades passed, species were lost and new species stepped in. But the dinosaurs still ruled with terror. Outraged and disgusted by this, Erron finally spoke and revealed a warning to the dinosaurs. " I have seen your actions and I am disappointed! Continue this path and I will destroy all of you and the only thing remaining from your time will be your bones! There will be a new species that will rule over the world. They will have a power that no other creature can ever have, a power that will only develop up to the point where they can cause destruction to the planet itself! But they too will follow the path you did, and bring chaos to the land! But their power, shall be the cause of their downfall." Fear, anger, worry, and confusion grew in the hearts of the mighty beasts.

10 years later, an old ape called ‘Hubachi' is taking his son Guru through the jungle to find some food for their large family of apes that live along with a variety of other animals in the same habitat. "You see Guru the Dinosaurs will not rule forever. Erron foresaw their extinction. Once the new species come they will end the rule of the dinosaurs and bring a new era of peace. The dinosaurs will pay for their sins." "But when will these apes come to save us Daddy?" "Ha ha ha, these new creatures will certainly not be apes." " Why not?" " Because son, we are not strong enough to stop them. I know this because I saw it firsthand!" "What do you mean Daddy?" (Sigh), "Son, after the ‘Warning', there was a war, a war between the animals and the Dinosaurs. Each animal species claiming they were the ones Erron spoke of. But it was hopeless the animals were stomped and torn apart and the Dinosaurs won the war. Many of my brothers died that day and the Dinosaurs became more powerful and arrogant as ever. Especially their leader Garox." "I hate Garox, one day I wish could kill him. But I'm too small and too weak." "Remember Guru you are never too small to have such power." "You really think so Daddy?" "I do son. Now hurry, I think I found some bananas and the pesky elephants are eating them." He runs after the elephants yelling at them and plucking all the bananas from the trees while yanking the bananas the elephants had in their trunks. They decided to hide in a cave to avoid any more elephants. "Guru I think we lost them. It occurs to me that my actions may have been… rude." "Ya think! Just give them back the bananas!" "Never! Besides I already ate most of them." "Daddy!" Suddenly the cave lit up and the apes saw a fire deep inside the cave. The fire was bright and gold and produced no smoke. As it slowly died down the apes heard cries. Once the fire vanished the apes saw two babies, a boy and a girl. But they were not apes; in fact they were unlike any animal ever seen before. A new species were born. The apes took the babies and went to their family. As the apes arrived few animals gathered hoping to find food, but when they saw the apes holding only two bananas… things went bad. "I'm telling you it's the elephants that took all our bananas!" "But Daddy you ate the bananas." "It was the elephants! The elephants took them." "Ha! Ha! Ha! You were always a terrible liar" said the ape chief Karachi. Then he saw the babies and said "I do not recognize these animals, what species do these babies belong to." Then the father and son told them of the fire and how they found the babies. Astonished Karachi said, "Bright gold fire which produces no smoke, that's no ordinary fire that's the fire of Erron!" hearing this all the animals gathered around. Karachi picked up the two babies and said; "These babies are the creatures Erron spoke of. Every one, I give you our future rulers!" The animals roared with cheers of happiness. Then Karachi looked at the animals and said; "Everyone, the end of the Dino Era is near!" But their cheers died when they felt the ground shake and heard a powerful roar. Then Karachi yelled, "The dinosaurs are here!"

Two dinosaurs charged straight into their land chasing the little animals to their homes, breaking trees and eating the smaller animals. All the strong animals gathered together to fight the dinosaurs. But they felt a bigger tremor in the ground and through the trees appeared the biggest nightmare the animals could ever imagine, Garox joined the battle. Garox looked at the animals and his eyes met with Karachi's. Garox roared at Karachi and said, "You say there's a new creature, a creature more powerful than me! Who is this creature with a power enough to destroy the planet, who is this creature that Erron said was to be my future ruler?" Then Karachi smiled and said "Me!" and he punched Garox's face, jumped up onto his head and repeatedly punched Garox's eye. Then all the animals started fighting back against the dinosaurs. Garox outraged by this mockery ripped off Karachi from his bleeding eye and flung him to a tree, which crashed upon impact. Then Hubachi said "Guru take the babies, gather the animals and run to the mountains. I must save Karachi!" "But daddy, let me help you, you said that even I…" then Hubachi cut him off and said, "I know son and it's true. But for now, you have a bigger task; the animals and the two babies need your help. I with the strong ones will hold the beasts off, while you lead them to safety, now go my son!" Guru went and gathered the animals and the babies and as he was leaving he saw his father pounding the skull of Garox, then Garox threw him to the ground and stomped the ape with his mighty foot. Fueled with rage Guru ran after Garox who was now charging at him. Just before they collided a sabre tooth lunged on Garox's neck saving Guru and it commanded Guru to run. Guru reluctantly obeyed. Hours later the animals returned. The animals were all dead except Hubachi. Guru ran to his father and Hubachi spoke. "Guru, my son, watch over the babies until they are of age. I may not be there to see it myself. " Then Guru cried and said, "I love you Daddy please don't go." "I love you too Guru, but I must go. It is the way, but don't worry, we shall meet again…but not in this world." The animals searched the bodies and found a dead dinosaur among them. Then Guru spoke "If we could not fight them alone, then we must fight them together!" Then the eagle spoke "Together we shall wege war upon them again, but this time Erron is on our side. These children spark the beginning of a new species that will rule, a species known as Humans."

20 years later- The war has dragged on for what seems like forever. The animal's efforts were failing and the dinosaurs were driving them back. The humans were grown up, the boy was named Nica and the girl was called Penelope by the apes. They weren't the large and powerful creatures everyone thought they would be, but they were more intelligent and clever than the animals could ever imagine. Nica killed a dinosaur at the age of 14 using fire, which was the first weapon ever used. That is how he earned the title "Chief". Nica grew up to become a great leader and he built more weapons, traps and tools for the animals fighting in the war. Penelope united all the species to fighting together and Guru stood beside them through the worst of battles. Although they had significantly improved since the last war, the dinosaurs were still unstoppable. But when things seemed to be at its grimmest, Erron spoke again. "You have shown courage and bravery never seen before. But your task was never to fight the dinosaurs! I shall deal with them myself for; it is me they have disobeyed. Go to the land beyond the Northern Mountains where you will find the supplies you will need for time to come. The Dawn of humanity is coming, do not lose hope!"

The animals retreated the battlefield and headed up to the mountains, but the dinosaurs were pursuing them with great speed. The animals retreated to the mountains and headed north. When the dinosaurs made it to the top of the mountains, there was a huge tremor in the ground. The mountaintops burst into fiery liquids that burnt through the beasts, while releasing a poisonous black gas to the air. No dinosaur escaped except for Garox but with serious burns. He didn't stop chasing the animals. Guru and Nica stayed back to stop Garox and buy some time for the animals to escape. No sooner, they met Garox. Garox, scared from the burns and boiling with rage, charged at once. The three were at it when Garox recognized Guru and said, "Your father… yes I was the one who killed your father aren't I? How would you like to join him boy!" Guru replied, "I'd rather see you join him!" He threw his spear straight into Garox's left eye. Garox roared in agony when all of a sudden the ground split under him slowly swallowing Garox into a fiery pit. Just before he fell, he said, "You may have beaten me, but you can't stop us! Nothing can. Do you really think these humans can defeat us? Even you lesser creatures are stronger than them. Face it you never stood a chance." Then Guru replied, "The power they are bestowed with is not strength, its intelligence. That is why you failed, because you have none of it." Then Nica looked up and said, "Maybe he's right, we can't stop them, and two humans can't defeat the dinosaurs… But Erron can." All three looked up, and what they saw shook them to the core. Through the black clouds, Erron himself was coming down upon the Earth as a fiery ball with deadly speed. The impact caused an explosion that vapourized anything near it while shaking the entire earth to its blazing core. Garox fell to the fire. Guru and Nica fled and after months of chaos they finally regrouped with the other animals.

10 years later- Except above the high grounds up North, the Erron's light was blocked out by the poisonous black gas. The dinosaurs were extinct and the land they ruled was destroyed. The animals decided to grant the throne of the world to Nica and that it was time for him to rule. But Nica refused. Guru came and spoke with him, he said "why do you refuse this honor Nica, is anything wrong?" He replied "Remember Guru what Garox said, he was right we, humans aren't strong nor are we powerful enough to rule the land. How can we have the power to destroy the land? We are not the species you were waiting for." Then Guru immediately replied, "Nica you and Penelope were born from the fires of Erron, you are the only creatures who can stand up straight and despite your weakness you stood firm at the face of death when fighting the dinosaurs. You are brave, intelligent and kind. That is the ruler we need not a brute with a taste for blood. Your power is the intelligence and this is your legacy take it." (hands him a flaming torch) "My father once told me ‘you are never too small to have such power'. The world is waiting for a ruler; you must go to the mountain top with this and claim the throne as ruler." The skies cleared and the light of Erron shone again. The animals' roar of cheers was heard across the world, as Nica approached the top of the mountain with a flaming torch and Penelope by his side to celebrate the beginning of the dawn of Humanity.