Written By: AdhilH

The best director award is right after this special performance. I will win! I must win! They wouldn't let their little secret out. I have the tape, they know what I would do to them if they didn't give me the award. Besides I deserve it. My movie was the best film of the year. No one else deserves this award more than me. Just wait, soon they will say, "And the academy award for best director goes to, Mark Dalton!!" and the roaring applause that follows and my career will be set. I cant believe how close I am to achieving my dream, and how far I have come...

5 years ago

"Mark! Mark! You forgot your lunch!" That is my mom, Debby. She has to be the greatest person to ever live. She has been fully supportive of me from the beginning. I knew dad wasn't happy with me going to a college specialized in film rather than medical college, but this is what I want to do, I want to work in movies and create movies and prove to every one what I am capable of. I am leaving to California, Hollywood. I got my first job as a crew member for a set of a movie by Steven Spielberg. This was huge for my first gig. Steven Spielberg is one of the most respected and most influential people in Hollywood. His movies are legendary and have revolutionized the industry. It's unfortunate that they all suck and that he is an old haggard terrible man who kills dreams for the fun of it. I kissed my mom goodbye and I got into the taxi and rode off to Hollywood.

Working on the set of the new Jurassic Park movie was truly surreal. This was going to be the biggest movie of the following year. It has been anticipated for a long time and I was standing in its reality. Things started out great, but one small mistake would change my life forever. While preparing the set, I dropped my phone on set, and in the middle of the fifteenth shoot of that scene, it started rigging loudly and ruined the shot. Spielberg was furious with me. Apparently I ruined the best shot of them all and when we looked back at the footage, the phone was in all the shots and now they had to reshoot everything. The call was from my mom. Spielberg and the actors yelled at me in front of everyone. I couldn't help but tear up a bit. Some of those actors were my idols. I was fired. The depression I felt that day, was unthinkable. I never realized that things were only going to get worse. I took a taxi home, and arrived at my mom's house where I lived. My mom was cooking in the kitchen, perhaps stew, but I didn't care. She was surprised to see me back so fast. She was confused but more delighted. As I came close to her she saw the tears on my face. She asked what's wrong when I did something that I will regret for the rest of my life. I pushed my mom away. She fell back and knocked the stew over. A cloth fell on the stove and I didn't even notice the fire sprouting. She got up and I started yelling at her, I blamed her for everything and the fire started to spread fast. She was so upset with me and kept saying sorry when she noticed the fire. We all stopped yelling at each other and we tried to put the fire out. The books on the shelves and the wooden utensils weren't helping. She told me to run and get a bucket of water. I did, but when I was coming down the stairs, the weight of the bucket threw me off balance and I fell down the stairs and landed on my head, knocking me out of my senses. I woke up as a fireman was carrying me out of what looked like hell. I passed out again.

Then I woke up again in a hospital. The doctor explained to me that I was passed for this long because of the smoke and he told me that my mom had died from the blaze. You can imagine my emotions through this event, but I guarantee you that u wouldn't be able to. I was angry, sad, suicidal, and in disbelief. But what I didn't know was that this changed everything. I couldn't help but wondering, how? How could she have died? I was passed outlaying on the floor and the firemen rescued me, but not her? Why couldn't she just get out of the house, heck she could have dragged me out of the house in and been fine. This didn't make any sense. Unfortunately the police agreed with me. Neighbours complained that they heard an argument and noises of crashing objects. The blame for her death was now on me.

It made perfect sense actually, everyone heard an argument in our house and I was the only person in there with her. The fire wasn't too tragically big either, only half of our house burnt down. However the proof wasn't enough to arrest me. However I knew that I helped cause her death in some way. This guilt was killing me inside at the time. I learnt something harsh that day. Life has no real purpose. How can my mom die just like that? She meant so much to me and now she is gone, with no proper explanation. I realized that I wasn't alone. Many others lose their loved ones sometimes for the stupidest reasons and with no explanation. At this point I wanted to kill myself.

In the present

Well here I am. Two failed suicide attempts, few months in the streets, 2 murders, then 2 years of living in my friends basement and a couple job offerings and meetings and blackmails, and now I am sitting here, in my black tux with a black thin tie, accompanied by some of the biggest action stars and some of the most beautiful actresses Hollywood has ever seen. It truly is an amazing story of success isn't it. To bad I would be probably be arrested if everyone knew the whole story of my life.

3 years ago

I said good-bye to my friend Eric for and gave him a hug and thanked him for everything he has done for me. I finally moved out of his basement and rented my own apartment. I have been working as lighting crew department for a movie and sold a few scripts that I wrote for a good amount of money. But now I was about to get my big brake. You see I had the privilege to meet my idol Christopher Nolan, who is in my mind the greatest director to ever hold a camera. We met at a café an he was supposed to have a meeting and they cancelled on him. That's when I met him and we started talking. He was very friendly and kind. I showed him some of my scripts and some of the videos I uploaded to YouTube with my friends. He was really keen and interested in my work. I showed him a script I wrote for a movie called "Genesis". It was my best script and I was at first worried that he might steal it and take it for himself. But he was not like that. He was really impressed with me and saw potential in me. He asked for me to be the assistant director for his upcoming highly anticipated movie the "Justice League 2". The justice league is the equivalent of the Avengers, but bigger. I froze as soon as I heard the words. He was a little worried at the moment I could tell. But I snapped back to reality and agreed to the job offer and thanked him so much for it. That moment changed my life. He truly was a miracle to me.

Present time

Genesis has won the Oscar for best movie! Climbing the steps to the stage with my actors, to except the Oscar was the proudest moment of my life. I accepted the award and game my speech. "Thank you Thank you. I would like to thank the academy and everyone who helped make this movie a reality for me. You wouldn't imagine how much blood sweat and tears went into the journey of making of this movie, so its truly and honor to see it get the praise and the box office success it has. Thank you." Perhaps not the best speech but it spoke the truth. You see when I said "blood sweat and tears" I mean it literally. But hopefully know one will ever know.

5 years ago

I remember how I killed those people. I couldn't pay any rent at the time and my house was burnt down so I had no choice but to live in the streets. You quickly learn where all the homeless people live. There were hundreds living together in the sewer systems. I lived with them for a while and then I got a job. Well if you count selling drugs for others as a job. But it paid and that's what mattered. Well a few assholes I was supposed to sell to stole the drugs and took all the money I had with me, which was all I had at the moment. Once they were done beating me they left me in the cold wet ground of a rainy day. Luckily with the little money I had left stashed up in a hole in the sewer system, I bought a gun, with 6 rounds and a pair of gloves. I wore the gloves every time I touched the gun or the bullets and carefully scratched out the serial number and pained it black so the seller wouldn't recognize it and the cops wont trace it to me. I found those two men on a Saturday, waiting for their next parcel of drugs, this time from a different man. They tried to pull the same move on him as they tried on me. I pulled the trigger twice and god two clean shots to their heads and ran before anyone saw me. I threw the gun and my gloves in the ocean by the peer. I went back to the sewer and couldn't stop thinking of how impressive my aim was as I went to sleep.

Present time

The best director award is next. I will win for sure, they wouldn't try me., would they? I mean what if they don't give the award and call the cops on me. And if I do put out that tape, wouldn't that prove that I am guilty of black mail and cheating. And what if I do win the award; can't they report me to the police after? I guess I never considered what would happen after I won. Oh well I guess he will have to die too.

1 month earlier

A simple conversation, turned into a bribe, then it turned into and argument, then threats and then he stormed off. He was a member of the academy for the Oscars. His name was John. He was one of the most influential if not the most influential from among them. I tried to convince him that he should let me win the Oscar, but he had other plans, which I could not agree with. Steven Spielberg. Apparently he has offered a bigger sum of cash as bribery than I have, to get this award. This ruined the whole sentimental value of the award for me, but its career value is still there. So I threatened to show footage of him in a scandal. He said I was bluffing, and he was right, but there are many rumors about this man and I decided to prove them right. I laughed at the fact that I was able to catch it all on tape of him on a romantic date with someone ells, in just two days of following him.

Present time

"And Academy award for best Director goes to.... Mark Dalton for the best motion picture award winning movie, Genesis!" The crowd applauded and stood up as I walked down alone. They all knew I deserved it. I have now officially left my mark on Hollywood forever, and my movie, my legacy, shall live on forever as well. I don't care about the rout I took to get here and the things I have done, I have accomplished my dreams and that's all that matters. Everyone has dreams, some work hard and achieve them, others don't. But in the end it all comes down to luck and fate. Two things I spit on. Fate took my mom away from me without an answer. Fate and luck is cruel and harsh. That's why I did what no one did. I took fate into my own hands and formed my dreams into reality. I own my destiny, not god and not luck. I gave my speech, and attended the rest of the ceremony and the after party. Everyone congratulated me and I felt like a king. Then a day later I did what I had to do with John but this time with poison. However this time I left a small trace. I knew I would be caught eventually; it was just a matter of when.

One year later

"Done!" I had finally finished the final copy of the script for Genesis 2. I have done what many thought impossible. I had written something better than Genesis. This time I have truly out done myself. I put down my glasses and stretched back on my chair. I knew I wouldn't be able to bring life to this movie, that's why I had asked Christopher Nolan to direct and produce it. He said he would be glad to and that he is a true fan of my work. You can imagine the feeling you can get when your idol says something like that to you. I emailed him the script and closed my computer. I stared at the window as I do every day. I was waiting as I always did. It was a rainy and gloomy day. If the news reports were true then that means my time is up. I stared a little while longer and soon enough, the cop cars came by and I smiled. I was somewhat disappointed that it took them this long. But now my time was up. I could easily escape from this, but I don't want to. I left those traces on purpose. I was proud of my accomplishments but I could no longer live with myself while knowing what I have done. I didn't deserve happiness and fame and success. But I'm not a coward. I wont kill myself and end my life like that. Something tells me that I am not allowed to. I will let my fate handle just that one. I want people to know what I did. I want to look at the faces of my victim's friends and family members and look them dead in the eye and tell them "I don't give a shit." The cops knocked on the door. They came for questioning, but I just came out and said that it was all me and turned my self in. I had a big smile on my face as they arrested me.