Written By: appledanish

It was a dark, cold day at the jail, but then again, when was it not? The prison was lined with cells with thousands of inmates awaiting freedom. However, most would not make it, being too old to make it to the end of their sentences.

One such example of these people is a 73-year-old man, who no one actually knows. Most people call him the mysterious man known to have done something terrible years ago. No one actually knew what really happened as the mysterious man was quiet and talked to no one. However, when he did, he would lie and the truth was never exposed, the truth of the Johnson conspiracy.

"He's crazy, right?"

"Yeah, he's known to be crazy around here. We call him the mysterious man."

"Why? He's got no real name?"

"If he does, no one in the damn world knows it. It's a conspiracy of its own."

Both men laughed.

The questioner, Gordon, was a young man that came to the prison to research some of the inmates. It was an extremely rare opportunity to be able to even enter the prison because the "outsiders" weren't allowed in. However, Gordon was related to a famous police officer close to the prison.

"I would like to meet the mysterious man," Gordon said after the laughter.

The prison guard sighed and started to think about it. He said at last, "You've got a lot of confidence kid, but I don't know if I can let you do that. That man has been in this prison since the Johnson tragedy in 1965 and hasn't uttered more than a few words since. Hell, I get scared of even walking by that guy's cell block."

"Just give me a chance, sir. I need this information," Gordon pleaded.

"Ask that other guard there, he'll lead you to the cell block," the guard said as he pointed to another guard.

Gordon nodded and proceeded to follow the other guard when the first prison guard held Gordon's shoulder.

"Watch out kid, you're father's not gonna like it if you get hurt talking to the killer of Robert Johnson." The first prison guard said really quietly.
"Alright, I'll be careful." Gordon replied and left.

The first prison guard watched Gordon leave and thought about the risk of letting him go meet such a dangerous man. Two men within the cells were watching Gordon walk behind the guard. The first one had long hair and seemed to be in his forties.

"He's crazy, ain't he?" The first one said with a grim look on his face.

The second one thought for a while. He was an old man with scars all over his face.

"He's getting into a lot of trouble. His dad will probably help him." The second prisoner said in a deep voice.

Gordon continued walking behind the guard until he finally reached his destination.

"Alright buddy, here you go. Be careful." The guard said.

Gordon walked into the cell and saw a tall, skinny man lying down on a bed. His face was hard to see under his white hair and beard. He looked up as Gordon walked in and watched him with his tiny blue eyes. He continued to watch as Gordon took a seat on the tiny chair close to the bed.

"What do you want?" The mysterious man said quietly.

"Hello, Mr. umm…sir, my name is Robert Gordon. I've come here to do some research for my article on the Johnson conspiracy as it is nearing it's fifth anniversary." Gordon said in his professional voice. He used it a lot during interviews.

The mysterious man watched him with a deep, piercing look.

"I ain't a part of that." He said as he looked out the small window to the side.

"But it said you shot the bullet that killed Mr. Johnson-"

The mysterious man let out a deep cough.

"Sir?" Gordon said as he watched him.

"You people think you know the truth. I'm far too old to continue hiding it. Perhaps death should arrive and I will greet it with open arms. I was forced to lie to you all. You think you know the truth?" The man started to laugh continuing with a long session of coughing.

"Why are you talking to me when you've never talked to anyone else?" Gordon asked curiously.

"'Cause I'm tired of this prison, tired of loneliness, and pretty soon, tired of life. Now leave, it is time for me to sleep." The mysterious man replied.

Gordon watched as the old man lied down but couldn't leave. So many questions left unanswered, this interview was pointless, he thought.

"But sir, please I only have a few more!" Gordon pleaded, but the old man was asleep. Gordon watched him sound asleep but decided to leave.

The mysterious man was not asleep. His eyes were closed but he was thinking. It was the first time someone requested to talk to him. He soon remembered the day things changed. On this day, forty-eight years ago, his life changed, forever.


It all began a few days prior to the assassination, on May 31, 1965. The mysterious man had a name, at least what people thought his real name was. He hid his real name after something terrible happened within his family. He was a decent young man at the age of 25, living in a decent neighbourhood.

However, he worked under one of the biggest criminals within the country, Henry Davidson. He was known for many illegal things. In fact, he had a faint connection with the Kennedy assassination, which he called "fake rumours".

Davidson had many problems with the law and with one of the richest men in the country, Johnson. The problem between the two is unknown, however, there were rumours that they are after each other's throats. Davidson hired many henchmen to kill Johnson but they were unsuccessful. After many unsuccessful attempts, Davidson approached the mysterious man.

"I got a job for you, kid," Davidson began.

"Yeah, whatcha want?" The mysterious man asked.

"I need you to kill Johnson."

"What?! I can't do that. He's one of the richest men in the country. If I kill him, his men will kill me."

"I'll pay you double the money you make in a month and based on what happened to your family in '63, you'll need it."

The mysterious man watched him with anger in his face.

"Don't look at me like that, we all know what your brother did," Davidson said.
"I want the money now. Money first, killing later," The mysterious man said with a dark look in his face.

"You get half, the other half will be after the killing."

"When do I do it?"

"June 4. I want it done when he is on his way to his birthday party."

June the fourth was slowly approaching and the mysterious man was getting more and more nervous as he was committing a crime really soon. The mysterious man's mind was racing. The money was amazing, as it would help his family with the problems they were facing. However, he kept thinking that perhaps killing a man he hardly knew wasn't worth it, but if he didn't do it, Johnson would kill him without a thought.

It was today, the big day; it was the day of the assassination. The mysterious man was sitting on the roof of a 5-story building, thinking about his future; about all the money he was about to receive. Suddenly, the car with Johnson was around the corner. The mysterious man got his gun ready. This was it, after this, he would have enough money to get a new job, get a family, and hopefully, live a whole new life.

Johnson was in his car with no top. He was in the passenger seat when the gunshots began. There were three gunshots and Johnson lay motionless in his car. The driver watched in horror as his master lay before him, dead. People screamed and look around to see where the gunshots came from. However, the assassin was long gone. He ran downstairs and out the building. When he was out, he began walking and catching his breath.

Police were on the scene now, trying to figure out what had happened. Johnson's body was taken to a nearby hospital while the police asked eyewitnesses about the incident. Hence, a new conspiracy was born, the Johnson Conspiracy.

Many people had thoughts and ideas about what had happened. It was said that there was a gang involved and as more research was conducted, many found that Johnson was not the great man that people claimed him to be. He had many problems with gangs and illegal activity, the biggest one being the connection with Davidson.

However, Davidson reacted calmly to these rumours. Davidson said that while he hated Johnson, he did not kill the man. One lone murderer did it, a murderer no one knew except Davidson.

Two days had passed since the mysterious man killed Johnson and he was on the run. He'd read the papers and realized that Davidson led him to this as sacrifice. He was angry but had nothing to do. He was sleeping in a little house when the sirens rang around the neighbourhood. The police were here; they were going to arrest him. This was it.

The mysterious man suddenly woke up, back in the present after a long flashback. There was some noise from the cell across from his.

"Yo, you wanna escape?" A man with long hair and scars asked the mysterious man.

"What? How? Huh?"

"I got an escape route planned out. My man's setting a bomb in here right now. I know who you are. You the man that killed Johnson, ain't you?" The long hair man asked.

"That doesn't matter, what do you want?"

"You want to escape? I heard your story man. Be gettin' locked up in your twenties. I know Davidson hired you."

"Wait, how do you know?" The mysterious man asked.

"He was my great uncle, but a downright bastard. I hated him." The long haired man answered.

"What happened to him?"

"He's dead now. Back in '67, he got shot by one of ‘em police officers during a drug raid."

"Damn, I wanted to kill him myself. Wanted to see him beg for mercy, get my revenge which I been waiting forty-eight years for," The mysterious man said, sadly.

"Wow, well, I won't ask too much ‘bout yourself but we escaping tonight. Your freedom is up to you." The longhaired man said quietly.

As he finished, the mysterious man thought for a few seconds but it was too late, the bomb exploded. Panic rose as the cellblocks opened up and the inmates ran around- free.

The mysterious man laughed and ran out. Guards came in his way but he hit them with his hands and grabbed their guns. After a lot of struggle, he made it out. He made it to FREEDOM. He began running around the place freely. He slowed down and began thinking. What more did he have left? Was this worth it? He probably had a few more years to live and that would be it. He sat down within the woods and thought.

Meanwhile, the police ran around, killing many prisoners, trying to track down all that escaped. The news of the escape was heard from the news. Gordon and his father were present on the crime scene. As his father talked to the guards, Gordon looked around to find some clues and more importantly, the mysterious man. Suddenly, he tripped on some dead body. As he turned it around, he saw a man with long white hair and a big white beard.

It was John Harvey Oswald, brother of the man that killed John F. Kennedy, murderer of Johnson.