Chasing Tails

Chasing Tails

Written By: Jcook

Sir Albert the third ran to the top of the hill; once there he encountered a terrifying sight. Hundreds of bodies lay dead on the ground but this was not unique, he had seen many battles with as many deaths as this one has. The terrifying part of this sight was that seventy-five percent of the bodies were his men and ten percent were villagers. Sir Albert and his forces had been sent by King Mart the Just to protect the village from the forces of Lord Despair, (no one knew his real name) after scouts spotted a small army with the colours of Lord Despair moving towards the village. Sir Albert's army setup a defensive perimeter around the village, however, the enemy had new weapons never before seen which we called "Bows and Arrows". With these weapons the enemy was able to tear apart our troops and any villagers that got in the way.

Two weeks later.

Sir Albert and his remaining troops – only ten percent of his original force – had managed to escape the attackers with the villagers and left the empty village to the enemy and returned to the nearest castle. He was now waiting in the throne room of the castle to speak with Lord Marty – King Mart's nephew – over the events that occurred at the village. The doors of the room were opened and Lord Marty came in and sat down at his table and gestured for Sir Albert to sit as well. Sir Albert took a seat at the opposite end of the table, at Lord Marty's gesture, and began to tell of the attack from beginning to end. He told how his troops had setup a defensive perimeter and how he, his remaining troops and the villagers had left the village when it was clear the battle was lost. Once Sir Albert had finished his story of what had happened, Lord Marty was silent and gestured for a servant to come; whom he told to send a messenger to let King Mart know of his and Sir Albert's coming.

It took two months and a half to reach King Mart's kingdom after the preparations were made for their leaving. Once arriving at the kingdom they heard that in the time it took for them to reach there, the enemy had targeted one more village, which fell, before troops could be dispatched. Lord Marty was the first to be summoned to King Mart's throne room while Sir Albert waited approximately one hour before he was told to come in. When he came into the throne room he found King Mart and Lord Marty waiting for him by the throne. When he reached the bottom of the stairs to the throne King Mart said, "Sir Albert, the former commander of a thousand troops sent to protect a village in the outskirts of the kingdom, you have been summoned to tell me more of the attack."

Sir Albert explained to his King how the enemy had initially attacked with just a small force of two hundred men but only moments after that we saw pieces of wood with metal tips flying through the air which we called "Arrows". These "Arrows" took out fifty percent of our force before we knew what was happening. Before we could regain our composure, the remaining troops of the first attack ripped through our ranks and eliminated another twenty-five percent of our men. The only losses they took were around forty men. Once we realized how we had no chance of survival, we retreated with whatever villagers were left to Lord Marty's castle. After he had finished he saw King Mart pondering this for a minute before proclaiming, "We must find a way to fight back." He gestured to a servant, "Gtog summon the defense council to the planning room right now."

King Mart addressed his defense council members – his five best generals – "We must find a way to combat this new technology, do any of you have any ideas?" None of these generals had any idea what to do and King Mart couldn't blame them; there was no way the troops could reach the archers without almost losing the entire force in the first few minutes. Suddenly a priest burst into the throne room, "Sorry for my interruption my lords but I must tell you this right away." King Mart nodded, "What is it, priest?" The priest bowed his head, "Upon hearing of the attack I began to pray to god and he has answered my prayers!" King Mart and his entire council directed their entire attention on him, "What?" said King Mart. The priest flinched under the glaze of the entire room but continued, "God has told me where to find a new creature that he has created for us so we may cleanse the world of the evil human, Lord Despair, he told me to journey to a lake in the middle of the nearest forest there we will find a relic." The priest stopped for a moment to calm himself down, "He said to bring the relic to the southern side of a mountain located east of the relic where we will find a cave full of the creature he has made for us." King Mart simply nodded and said, "Let's go."

So King Mart, the priest and a small army travelled to find the creature. They journeyed to the middle of the nearest forest where, as the priest said, lay a relic gleaming white, black and brown. King Mart picked up the relic and turned east and started to walk towards a mountain he could see over the top of the forest. As he grew nearer to the mountain the relic grew brighter. Upon arriving at the mountain nothing happened. King Mart turned to the priest and said, "You said when we arrived here a cave will appear full of the creature." The priest bowed and said, "My Lord, I forgot to say a part of the message, God said to place the relic in an opening the size of the relic on top of the nearest rock to the mountain side." King Mart nodded and moved towards the mountain and found the rock that was just described and in it he placed the relic. After he moved away from the rock a cave appeared where rock was only moments before. He entered the cave and after walking only a few meters found an amazing sight. The entire cave was full of he estimated at least five thousand new creatures he had never seen before, with four strong legs, a strong lean body and intelligence gleaming in its eyes, it was a truly beautiful creature and he knew it was created by god and will be able to defeat the enemy.

King Mart and his man gathered the creatures –which he named horse- and took the horses back to the kingdom. The King's men studied the creatures to learn how to use them and what to use them for. After a week, his men still had not found out anything about the creatures and King Mart was beginning to think that either the priest was wrong or God was playing a cruel joke on him. King Mart decided to come out and study these horses himself. As he was walking around one of the horses an idea struck him which he asked one of his men, "Have you tried to sit on their backs?" The head of his men responded with, "We haven't my lord, shall I direct one of my men to try?" King Mart shook his head, "No, I will." He went to the nearest and decided to see if the horse would bring down to let him on if he stroked its fur. After stroking the horses' fur it bent down and King Mart got on its back and proclaimed, "Tell the men to do as I did and once all horses have a soldier on his back we will ride with such speed that we will reach the enemy before they can fire a single arrow!"

One month later

Cheering echoed through the kingdom, screams of happiness it seemed could be heard coming from far off villages. "The war is over. The enemy has retreated to their land, their armies crushed. The day is won!" Said King Mart. The partying lasted it seemed until no one could cheer any longer, their throats to dry to even talk and the entire kingdom it seemed went to sleep joyful and happy. The entire kingdom also cherished the horses and would breed them for future wars.