Written By: Amal

I enjoy being a scholar
I like to go to school
I listen to the teacher
And follow every rule

I pass all my tests
And all my exams too
I always do my best
And I am not very rude

But one day a boy asked me
Why I am very smart
I told him because I hope to be
Whatever is in my heart

That boy laughed at me
And pushed me to the ground
He told me I will get a D
After I made a very big sound

The next day on the test
I realized that boy could see
Even though I did my best
I still got a D

He told me after class
That intelligence is not all
And just because I always pass
Doesn’t mean that I won’t fall

I took his advice to heart
And opened my eyes a lot
I saw the kids playing Mario Kart
Versing all these difficult bots

I realize now as I look past
That intelligence isn’t just knowledge
But application is also very vast
I think I will end up going to college