Growing Up

Growing Up

Written By: Amal

When I was 13, I was hooked onto The Game

My Life, Pot of Gold, Red Nation, all The Game

Riding on the school bus, there was no games

Rhyming Game with Game and games, it was all a game

Carter IV, like it made me meet the eye

Too much Wayne, Wayne couldn't even say bye

Wayne and Game is what led to all these drive-bys

Now I can't even concentrate, don't even say hi

When I was 14, I started speaking French

So much French, French made my fists clench

Using that frustration, I worked out, only benched

Always played ball, guess what, I was never benched

15 came around, not 14 no more

My head started spinning, life was all a bore

Filled my head with all these thoughts, what was this all for?

Life was like a maximum security prison, but with no door

Now I'm 16 and pregnant, naw I'm 16 and made it

Except that one time, I yelled at my white friend David

It's not my fault he didn't take the offer, he caved in

Whatever, life's a new road, and I paved it

17 comes around, 17 and what?

I was brown so I guess I ate at Hopper Hut

Big boy scizzors, no more lil' paper cuts

Into skinny girls now with them big butts

I'm 18 now, I'm all grown up

Time for a new car, maybe a Dodge pickup truck

Shit I need money, I need a couple bucks

Damn, bills poppin up, man life sucks

19 and reckless, 19 and checkless, with a lil' gold necklace

20 poppin up, 20 with chains and 20 with Lanez

21 lavish, 21 Savage, Just a lil' bit average

Now I'm 22, slow down and make blues

Ride a boat, with Lil' Boat, we all lose

Remember that lil' blue dog from Blues Clues

Shit, It's time to go now, I hear them cow's moo