Written By: IllegitPrincess

I've always believed in love.

It was always one of those things I just never thought to doubt.

I'd see it happen everywhere

Whether it be on TV or in my everyday life.

Whether it be romantic, platonic, familial

It was just always there.

As I got older

I've wondered, however

When that romantic love would happen to me.

I'd hear about it from songs on the radio

See it between my mother and step-father

My brother and my sister-in-law

My aunts and uncles

It seemed that everybody around me found that romantic love

Except for me.

So I started searching.

Every face in a crowd could've been the one to steal my heart

Every new person I'd talk to.

When I'd find someone who managed to steal my heart and allow me to love them

That love would be extinguished and I'd lose a little more of my heart each time.

And with each extinguished flame

A little of my naive hope would be extinguished as well.

I still believe in love.

Still see it all around me in the places it's always been.

I just never hope for love myself anymore.

Afraid of losing what little of my heart I have left.