I'm Trying

I'm Trying

Written By: IllegitPrincess

You don't get it, do you?

You say to try, but I'm already trying my hardest.

You say I know, but I don't.

You say I don't do anything, but I do more than you realize.

All the sleepless nights spend lying awake in the dark

Wondering exactly when everything will get better.

All the tears collected on my pillowcases

A flood let loose when I'm alone because I refuse to let you see me cry

All the times I've held my tongue

But you only focus on when I can't

All the times I've fantasized about disappearing

But don't because I know you need me.

I'm trying, mom...I really am...

Yeah...I wrote this after a really bad argument with my mom, but I'm posting almost everything I have, regardless of how personal it is...