Written By: Mikatsu


I can see the spark its shining bright,

Highlightening the day and brightening the night,

I can feel myself in an urge to fight,

To overcome the obstacle and win ,Oh right!

I can feel..I can feel..my heart in fire,

Cause I have at last found my desire,

Sneaking out from the cage of destiny's curse,

I have at last found my purpose;

All these days I have been a lab rat in a maze,

Searching for myself Day and Night in a Daze;

The time has come,

To let my spark into light,

The time has come for me to win, Oh right!

Am Never going back, am Never turning down,,

Until I have got my hands on my crown,

I have got to move ahead ,I have got to move forward,

And to prove 'em am No coward,

I have to move ahead , I have to be strong,

They have to wreck their Brains as I prove 'em wrong;

I have to move to a height,

PUSHING aside all my fright,

Cause I have to Win alright!;

Let's see ...Let's see

Am at last being ME,

Oh God!,I have Never felt so FREE!!!

I have endured the pain, I have supressed the scream,

I will Never again fall ,cause I have finally found my dream;

Life is no music to dance with grace,

Its a track we have to run our own race,

I have got to pick up my pace and,

Take on the hurdle face to Face.

It was hard to find that am one of a kind

But now that I have known I will keep that in Mind

I have found my courage,I have found my role,

I am feel myself as a whole,

I have got my will quite wild and fierce,

As clear as crystal,

But not even Diamond can pierce;

I have found my way out of the maze,

Am a step ahead and unfazed,

whenever I lose my track I have my friends got my back,

No more worries,no more Dismay,

Let me shine like a sun's bright ray,

Cause at last am going to WIN my Fight,

Oh Right! oh Right!

Let's See ..Let's see