Written By: Mikatsu

What does it mean to be FREE?

How does it FEEL?How is it meant to BE?

Does it mean to DO What you WANT?

Is it DOING what you CAN'T?

Does it mean being ot CONFINED?

Is it,not being affected by the BIND?

Does it need Diligence to DECIDE?

Is it the diligence that strides away the reason to HIDE?

does it mean to forget the PAST?

Is it the blast from the past creating the FUTURE?

How do you ACHIEVE it? How do you GAIN it?

How do you get to KNOW it? Can anyone EXPLAIN it?

Is it about the "Do's" and "Don'ts"?

Is it about what you "Did" and "Didn't"?Does it let you slide down WORRIES?

Does it help you Cease your QUERRIES?

Would it cease if your DREAMS become a HAUNT?

Does it still live in the REALITY which is but a FUTURE'S TAUNT?

Is is one of the Possibility?

Is it just a Probability?

Is it just an HUNCH? Is it Just an HYPOTHESIS?

Is it just a RULE? or is it an inborn RIGHT?

Does it lure away the mysterious darkness in your SOUL?

Is it what makes you feel not a part but a WHOLE?

Is it a BLESSING? Is it a CURSE?

Is it what we WISH for? Or is it the WISH itself?

Isn't it why everything STARTED?

Will it be the reason for EVERYTHING to End?

From Dawn to Doom,it stands in the MIDDLE,

Posing a true,Unsolved Cosmic RIDDLE.

Is it the QUESTION?

Or is it the ANSWER Itself?

I Have stopped searching for an Answer,

Not because I Can't find the answer I Wanted to see,

But,the FUTURE that Lie ahead and for the answers that stood Before ME;

Tt's something that sends the chill through the SPINE,

Like the water crawling under your skin,Like a VINE,

It doesn't mean to act INTELLIGENTLY but IMPULSIVELY,

It's not about making the right CHOICE ,but to not REGRET it,

It's not a CHOICE,but a PATH.

It's not about being LEISURE, NOT doing what you should DO,

It's about WORKING your HEADS OFF in doing what you LOVE.

It's not anymore,something that you are CRAVING,

It's all about what,right in your hands you are HAVING,

NOT to sound SELFISH,but it's TRUE,

It's not about others,but,about YOU

It's not a matter of CAN or CAN'T

It's all about you WOULD or WON'T.

It's neither a QUESTION nor an ANSWER

It's the piece of PUZZLE desperately needed to COMPLETE your LIFE.

It's not about HAPPINESS,

It's all about SATISFACTION.

It's not about CHASING,

But about ROAMING,

It's not about BEING pushed to your LIMITS

But about Pushing ABOVE your 'LIMITS'

It's not about doing it so that you can HAVE FUN,

But Doing it BECAUSE it is FUN,

It's not being able to STAND on your OWN,

But it's about being able to WALK on your OWN legs,

It's not deciding what to do,

But to do what you have to and go with the FLOW,

It's not about your tiny EXPECTATIONS,

It's all about Enormous IMAGINATION,

It's not about how you THINK,

It's all about how you FEEL,

It's not about the CHOICES you HAVE,

It's about the OPPORTUNITIES you CREATE,

It's not about doing what you want....

It's all about doing it the WAY you want!~